How to Backup Onedrive Files

How to Backup Onedrive Files

With over 200 million active users every month, Office 365 is a powerful software-as-a-service platform for businesses. OneDrive is a part of the Office 365 cloud, which is used to store files in the cloud.

This is why OneDrive security is a top priority for business owners, administrators, and users. Backing up your OneDrive files is the best way to restore them in an emergency, such as an accidental accident or cyber attack.

We hope you find our step-by-step backup guide OneDrive useful.

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OneDrive Backup and Recovery Options

In some cases, Office 365 backs up and allows the recovery of deleted items from the trash. However, there are limitations to basic backup functionality. You can read them in our overview of O365 backup and recovery policies.

In addition, all backup data is stored in the same cloud, making them vulnerable to the same threat as the data they protect. This is why OneDrive is a good way to store files to other clouds and protect them. Let us see two ways.

Backing Up OneDrive Files to Computer/Hard Drive

It is possible to save OneDrive files to your computer / hard drive to secure them when your Office 365 account is compromised. So how do you get OneDrive back to an external hard drive?

1. Access your OneDrive.

2. Select the files and select the one you need to save.

3. Download and select the destination. The downloaded files are available for copying later. For example, on an external hard drive.

While this is not a backup at all, it can help you keep selected OneDrive files. This method has very big limitations. some of them are:

  • Lack of regularity, as all actions are manual.
  • Takes time, for the same reason.
  • Backup may be lost if something happens to the computer / hard drive.
  • If the amount of data is large, OneDrive recovery becomes complicated.

This is why using automatic backup software is a better option than relying on manual drives to hard drives.