What is Carbonite? Benefits, Review, and feature

What is Carbonite? Benefits, Review, and feature

If you are another cloud drive user and want to change the cloud drive company then carbonite is best for you. Before switching you should check carbonite review, feature, and benefits after that you can go with that.

Carbonite is a smart application that understands the business losses that data loss can cause to businesses. Potentially, data loss can lead to large-scale revenue loss for businesses, making data security important for any business. Fortunately, Carbonite has just the right set of adaptive tools and features to assist your business with data security. In addition to security features, Carbonite also has a cloud data backup feature that protects your photos, files, videos, and other business data and keeps it in an off-site location. The data can be used in the event of a data loss problem. In terms of cloud storage for users, Carbonite also has its own data centers for your data. Storage costs are reasonable for businesses of all sizes, regardless of the industry they are in.

Carbonite Quality Score

Carbonite Review

Carbonite features

Main features of Carbonite are:

  •     Remote sharing and access
  •     Unlimited cloud storage
  •     Video backup
  •     Mirror image backup
  •     Automatic cloud backup
  •     Hard drive backup
  •     Hybrid backup
  •     Courier Recovery
  •     Custom backup policies
  •     Simple installation
  •     Unlimited protection

Carbonite Benefits

Carbonite’s main advantages are its easy recovery process, its secure backup, and its secure platform.

Carbonite can provide backups for any file and its formats without affecting the speed of your website. Since the data is outside your computer, it will not take up space on your devices and will not use all the processing power for commercial tasks. Data can also come from internal or external hard drives.

File loss is also not a problem with carbonite, as it has a simple step-by-step recovery process. Data recovery from the server takes 30 days and you have several file versions that can be returned if your file is a Windows user.

Meanwhile, Carbonite’s data centers are robust and protect your data using the best features. Its servers are in a temperature-controlled environment with 24/7 availability and are always on throughout the year. It is also powered by a backup generator and uninterrupted power supply, which ensures that no power outages can stop the servers.

Finally, the application also has compatibility with mobile devices that allow you to check data on the go. As long as your smartphone and tablet have an internet connection, you can check their data through this application. check carbonite review.