How to Recover Missing Documents Folder From Mac? [2023]

How to Recover Missing Documents Folder From Mac? [2023]

Documents Folder Disappeared from Mac? Don’t worry, this article has everything you need to know to restore the missing Documents folder from Mac. If you have accidentally deleted files from the Documents folder on Mac then use Remo Recover Mac, an efficient data recovery software that will recover lost or deleted files from the Documents folder on Mac.

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On Mac, the Documents folder is the default folder that makes it easy to organize files. For unforeseen reasons, the Documents folder on a Mac can be missing. This is a fairly common problem on all macOS such as macOS Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, or any earlier versions. In any Mac device, the Documents folder is usually found—under the Favorites tab—in the left panel of the Finder. If the Documents folder disappears you won’t be able to access your important files. This can grow when you need to access important files for a large project.

In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why the Documents folder is missing on Mac and how to view those missing Documents folders on Mac. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Did My Documents Folder Disappear from Mac?

Here are the reasons why the Missing Documents folder on Mac.

  • iCloud Drive sync errors: If there are errors in iCloud Drive sync, the Documents folder may not appear in the Finder. However, you can only find the Documents folder on iCloud in such cases.
  • Accidentally Deleted Documents Folder from the Finder Sidebar: It’s quite possible that you accidentally turned off the visibility of the Documents option in the sidebar. As a result, the Documents folder will no longer appear in the Mac Finder sidebar.
  • Documents folder disappeared from Mac Dock: You may accidentally delete the Documents folder from Mac Dock.

How do I recover the Missing Documents folder on Mac?

Method 1: Recover Documents Folder from iCloud Drive on Mac

iCloud helps you sync your Documents folder across Mac devices. Due to some iCloud Drive sync errors, files will not sync with Mac. You can try the below steps to restore the Documents folder using iCloud Drive.

  • Click the System Preferences option in the Apple menu.
  • Click on the iCloud option.
  • Now click on the Desktop & Documents folder to uncheck the option.
  • Note: You are likely to receive an on-screen notification as shown in the image below. Then you can click on Disable button.
  • Finally, click on the Done option.

You can go back to your iCloud Drive to check your Documents folder. Check if you can see your files. If it’s empty, try dragging them from iCloud Drive to the Documents folder. This will make the files appear again in the Documents folder

Method 2: Fix Missing Documents Folder from Mac Finder Sidebar

You may accidentally delete your Documents folder from the Mac Finder sidebar. Follow the steps below to make the Documents folder visible in the sidebar again.

  • Click Finder Options > then choose the Finder Preferences option from the Finder menu.
  • Now go to the Sidebar tab > and click on the Documents option.

Now it will easily restore missing or missing Documents folder on Mac. If you can’t find the Documents folder, skip to the next section of the article.

Method 3: Can’t Fix My Documents Folder on Mac Dock

If the Documents folder is missing from the Mac Dock, you’ll need to re-dock them in a Finder window.

  • To re-dock, the missing Documents folder, go to the Finder icon > Control-click Options on Documents.
  • Now click on Add to Dock option.

Method 4: Vulnerable Desktop Stack to Show Missing Files from Documents Folder on Mac

The Desk Stack feature is available in macOS Mojave and later. This feature will basically help you free up space by organizing your desktop files in an instant manner.

Occasionally update your Mac from Catalina to Big Sur or a later version. Like macOS Mojave and later. Updates can cause you to lose files. However, with the Desk Stack feature (which is supported in macOS Mojave and later), these files are bundled into the Desk Stack. Follow the steps below to recover missing files.

Note: If you are using (macOS Mojave or later), follow the steps below.

  • Select the Display option at the top of your desktop and check the Use stack option.
  • Click the Group Stack By option to see if the files are grouped.
  • Find your lost files and restore them to the location of your choice.

Recover Lost Files from My Documents Folder on Mac Using Time Machine

In some cases, even after viewing the Documents folder on Mac, the files may not reflect and the Documents folder will still remain empty. Time Machine comes in handy to restore lost files from the My Documents folder. Follow the steps given below to recover deleted files from the My Documents folder on Mac.

  • Connect your external hard drive to which you made the backup.
  • To enable iCloud in System Preferences, click the Apple menu (found on the top row of your Mac’s screen) and choose System Preferences.
  • Now click on Time Machine.
  • After clicking on the Time Machine icon in the menu bar, select the Enter Time Machine option.
  • Select the files you want to restore and click on the Restore option.

Now you will be able to access the files again, in case you have not backed up your files, it is recommended to use a reliable data recovery tool like Remo Recover Mac.


Hope this article was helpful in recovering the missing Documents folder on Mac. This is a fairly common problem faced by Mac users. However, with the methods mentioned above, you should be able to recover data from the Documents folder without any issues. It is recommended to back up your data regularly to avoid such data loss scenarios in the future. Make sure to use Remo Recover if you end up in future data loss scenarios. If you find this article interesting then share it and comment your thoughts or questions below.