How to Display Battery Percentage in the Menu Bar in macOS

How to Display Battery Percentage in the Menu Bar in macOS

Apple’s release of macOS Big Sur included a lot of UI changes, security updates, bug fixes, and – surprisingly – a battery percentage reduction in the menu bar.

If you usually check your Mac’s battery percentage in the top right corner of the screen, this change may scare you a bit. This may make you even more upset that there is no setting to turn on percentage under System Preferences> Battery.

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through how to show battery percentage in MacOS.

Enable Mac Battery Percentage in System Preference

Your first thought may be System Preferences> Battery Head, but as we mentioned earlier, you won’t get the option to show the percentage in your menu bar here.

Instead, follow these steps:

  1. Launch System Preferences.
  2. Go to the dock and menu bar.
  3.  In the left menu, scroll to Battery.
  4. Show Show and Show Percent in the menu bar.

 Just now you can see your battery percentage in the menu bar.

 Activate mac battery percentage with the spotlight

You can also use Spotlight search to see the battery percentage in the menu bar. For that, proceed as follows:

  • Hold Cmd + space bar.
  • Type in “Battery Percentage” and scroll down in the left-hand menu until you see System Preferences labeling the title.
  •  Click Dock and menu bar> Battery.
  • Activate Show Options and Show Percentages in the menu.

You’re ready, now your Mac’s battery percentage is displayed in the menu bar.