Skype Not Working On Mac (2022) Fixed

Skype Not Working On Mac (2022) Fixed

Recently, video communication platforms are booming. All over the world, people use Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, WeChat to conduct audio or video calls and conferences using their computers or smartphones. Out of all the chat apps, Skype seems to be the most reliable option, but sometimes your online chats can turn into a frustrating experience filled with problems, lack of response, and delays.

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If you’re a regular Skype user, you must have experienced issues like: “Skype not working on Mac”, “connection issues”, “sound is muted”, “Skype doesn’t show the video to another person”, Etcetera. Why do these problems arise in the first place? Why does Skype suddenly stop responding? To find the answers, keep reading!

Why Skype Not working on Mac

Here are some of the common culprits behind the Skype for Mac not responding problem:

  • A poor internet connection can cause call drops, the video chat experience to be blocked or frozen, or a stutter.
  • You have not met the minimum system requirements.
  • You are not using the latest version of Skype.
  • Your security software or firewall settings may be blocking the Skype application.

Whatever the reason, there are a few things you can do to make your Skype slow connection restart issue.

Skype Not Working on MacBook? Try these solutions! (2022)

Skype not opening/working on MacBook issue, try the following methods to resolve it:

Method 1 – Check that your internet connection is working properly

If you’re having trouble signing in to your Skype account or sending/receiving messages, check that you have an active Internet connection. If the problem persists despite the high bandwidth, try connecting to the network again and signing out of Skype. After a few minutes, you can sign back in to see if that fixes the “Skype not responding” issue on Mac.

Additionally, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling your Skype. You never know when it might fix all possible issues with the app at once!

Method 2 – Check Skype Heart Rate

Before implementing any troubleshooting solution, we recommend our users to check the status of Skype. This page will notify you of recent Skype problems, if any, and will also inform you of current issues with the Skype infrastructure. You will be able to see if there is a problem with a particular feature or if your device is the culprit.

However, if something is wrong, there is nothing you can do to fix it. All you have to do is wait for the company to resolve the issue. Until then you can just watch for updates!

Method 3 – Check Skype Audio Settings

If you’re having problems with your Skype microphone, you should first test the device in the app itself. Tap on the three-dot icon Menu option > Click on Settings and navigate to the Audio & Video tab in the list. To start testing your microphone, just say something. As your volume progresses, blue dots should appear below the microphone header.

If you don’t see those blue dots moving when you talk, just click on your mic name next to Microphone and choose a different device. Keep trying different types of instruments until you see the blue dots moving as you speak.

Method 4 – Inspect Your MacBook (Recommended)

In some scenarios, you may experience problems while making calls, typing slowly, or completely refusing to launch the app. Despite checking network connection, updating software, restarting Mac, nothing works. Well, other culprits can affect the proper functioning of the video chat platform and you can end up with “Skype not working on MacBook”. If there is:

  • Virus
  • Worms
  • Spyware 
  • Adware 
  • Trojan Horse
  • Rootkits or any other malware threats 

You may experience problems like “Skype won’t open on Mac”, “Microphone not working” or “Skype video won’t show to another person” etc. Therefore, it is a best practice to scan your Mac for such malicious content and neutralize all kinds of online and offline vulnerabilities. We recommend that you use a dedicated application such as CleanMyMac X to run a full scan to identify and remove potential traces. You can go to Malware Removal Module > Run Scan > Delete Detected Threats!

Method 5 – Check Text-to-Speech Settings on Your Mac

The current text-to-speech seat is likely interfering with your Skype. So, to resolve the issue, follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Close the Skype application.

Step 2 – Click on the Apple logo and select System Preferences from the drop-down menu.

Step 3 – In the System Preferences window, go to the Accessibility section.

STEP 4 – Find and click the Speech button in the right panel.

Step 5 – Try selecting a different voice next to the System voice heading.

and that is all! Try launching Skype again and see if the general operating issues persist.

Method 6 – Check Some Built-in Application Settings

Still, struggling with “Skype video not showing another person”? Well, make sure no one else is hiding. Ask the person to right-click on their Skype screen and ask them to verify that the following options are not selected:

  • Hide Self View 
  • Stop My Video 

Also, make sure neither of you has an older version of Skype installed on your device. Additionally, you need to make sure that no other application is already using your webcam. This software can be any video editing tool, instant messenger, browser, etc. So, consider turning off all background services for now and see if that fixes the “Skype not working on MacBook” issue.

Method 7 – Temporarily Disable Your Antivirus Tool

Well, if you have an antivirus or security program installed on your device, consider disabling it for a while to see if that fixes the “Skype for Mac not working” issue. Keep in mind that not running an antivirus solution can certainly increase the risk of threats entering the Apple ecosystem. Therefore, we advise users to apply this method at their own risk!


that’s it for today! So, are you getting Skype not opening on Mac or Skype not responding on MacBook? Do you know of any other tip or solution that can help people solve the problem? If yes, do share your suggestions in the comments section below!