How to Fix Dropbox Not Syncing Issue

How to Fix Dropbox Not Syncing Issue

Dropbox relies on an unlimited Internet connection to synchronize your files with the cloud and its desktop and mobile clients. The “Dropbox not syncing” problem can be caused by many reasons, such as client errors, firewall blocking, incorrect files, and so on. Whatever the reason, the most important thing is to resolve Dropbox sync issues quickly. The following lesson summarizes some common but useful methods to help you, let’s take a look.

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How to Fix: Dropbox Not Syncing

Here some best solution to fix syncing issues of your dropbox.

Method 1: Check Internet Connection

Dropbox Desktop can only sync files when your computer is online. So the first thing is to check your computer’s internet connection to see if it is working normally. Reconnect if necessary.

Method 2: Restart Dropbox and restart the computer

If Dropbox is blocked on your computer, your files may be synchronized correctly, but Dropbox may not read them correctly. In this case, this error can be easily resolved by dropping the program from Dropbox completely and restarting. After closing Dropbox, it is best to restart your computer and then reopen Dropbox.

Method 3: Verify Dropbox Account

Dropbox sync works when you are signed in to the same Dropbox account on a website, your computer, your phone, or a tablet. If you are signed in to another account, it makes sense that your Dropbox does not sync. So check it out.

Method 4: Check for selective synchronization

Selective sync is a feature that lets you sync from the Dropbox folder to the Dropbox folder on your computer. If your files are synchronized on all computers except one, selective synchronization may leave some folders. So to see if the missing files on your computer are selectively synced, you can check this by going to Preferences in Dropbox> Accounts> Change Settings> Selective Sync.

Method 5: Check for incompatible files

The filename has an inconsistent character because Dropbox will not synchronize the issue without exception. Such as “/” (forward slash), “\” (backslash), “<” (less than), “>” (greater than) and “:” (colon), etc. You can also use the wrong Dropbox filename tool to check it.