How to Recover Files Deleted from Dropbox?

How to Recover Files Deleted from Dropbox?

Dropbox is one of the best utilities available to store data on cloud storage. Sometimes when accessing files from Dropbox, you may lose files stored in Dropbox due to accidental deletion or various other reasons. Fortunately, you can recover deleted Dropbox files. By joining the end of the article, you will understand how to recover deleted files from Dropbox.

Can you Recover a Deleted File from Dropbox?

Yes, you can recover a deleted file from Dropbox. Similar to the Recycle Bin or Recycle Bin on your local computer, deleted files on Dropbox will be moved to the Deleted Files section.

However, these files will only last 30/180 days depending on the user’s subscription, unless you have manually deleted them. The following sections will help you recover deleted files from Dropbox.

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Recover Deleted Files from Dropbox Cloud Storage

To recover deleted files from Dropbox, follow the instructions below.

  • Log in to your Dropbox account
  • Click on files in the left column
  • Then select option deleted files
  • Now you will be displayed with all the files that have been removed from Dropbox
  • Check the box of the corresponding file to retrieve
  • Finally, click on the Restore button available on the right side of the screen

With the steps described above, you will be able to restore deleted and transferred files to the Deleted Folders section of Dropbox.

You may be wondering what happens if the locally stored offline copy on the computer is removed from the Dropbox app?

Well, in this case, deleted files and folders will be moved to the trash or trash. The following section shows how to recover a deleted offline copy from your computer.

Recover Deleted Dropbox Files from Trash

If in any case, you have removed any files from the Dropbox application on your computer, you can easily restore them to your trash. Here’s what you can do to recover files

  • Open the recycle bin and enter the file name in the search box in the upper right corner
  • Then right-click on the file and click on restore
  • After clicking restore, you can find the restored file in Dropbox

If you have emptied the recycle bin of the file, you cannot restore the file using the above procedure. In such situations, you should use reliable data recovery software to recover Dropbox files.

How to Recover a Permanently Deleted Dropbox File

Download and install Remo file recovery software on your computer. Open the application and click on the Recover Files tab. Now click on the volume from which to recover the file and click on Next.

After the scanning process is complete, the retrieved data will be displayed in the data view and file type view. Select the recovered file and click Save to recover the file.


Dropbox is one of the useful apps for storing files in the cloud and syncing them with devices such as smartphones and tablets. When a file is removed from Dropbox, you can recover it from the deleted folders. However, the files will remain in the folder for a period of 30 to 120 days depending on the subscription.

If you have deleted files from the Dropbox app, you can restore them from the trash. If you are unable to restore files from the Recycle Bin, use the Remo Recover tool to recover deleted Dropbox files.