How To Fix Hotmail Not Receiving Emails Problem?

How To Fix Hotmail Not Receiving Emails Problem?

Hotmail not receiving an email account is one of the most unexpected problems people may face at any given time.

This problem can occur in a Hotmail or Outlook account for many reasons, such as:

  •       The email filter sends emails elsewhere.
  •       You accidentally activated email forwarding.
  •       Your browser may not synchronize with the Outlook server.
  •       Invalid account configuration.

These are the four most common valid reasons for not receiving email issues. Now it’s time to solve the problem. Then follow the instructions given below.

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Troubleshoot Hotmail Not Receiving Emails

Email Filter sends the email to some other folders-

When you do not receive new emails in your inbox folder. You should check other folders such as spam, garbage, etc.

If you can find your new emails in another folder, you will need to go ahead and check email forwarding settings. You must have created an email filter on your Hotmail account. Your emails are sent to other folders.

Therefore you should remove the existing email filter from your Outlook account.

  • Access the Hotmail account on your computer.
  • Click on the Settings icon and then click to display all the available settings below this menu.
  • If you can see a rule, then click on the rule option. You have to click the delete button available to the right of its rules.
  • Click on the OK option, now press the Save Changes button.

Disable Email Forwarding Rule –

If no one receives a new email from your Hotmail account. You will need to check the forwarding settings.

You may have activated the email forwarding issue, due to which your emails are sent to other addresses, and you cannot receive them in your Hotmail account.

  • Let’s go back to the view of all Outlook settings.
  • Click on the forwarding tab.
  • Uncheck the forwarding Enable option and click Save Settings.

Make sure the sender types the correct email address –

If you do not receive an email from a specific person. You must ensure that he/she types the correct email address. They may likely have made a mistake in the email address. This is why you cannot receive the email in your Hotmail account.

Hotmail server is down-

This doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes people face the problem of not receiving Hotmail’s email due to an invalid server problem.

When the server is up or down in your country, you can easily check the status of the server by calling or chatting with the official Outlook team.

Browser problem

Let’s try to access your Hotmail account through another web browser or computer. Check now, are you receiving new emails in your Outlook account?

If you are going to say yes

This means that your browser is corrupt; This is why you cannot receive the email in your Outlook account.

  • Remove incorrect extensions from cookies, history and web browsers.
  • If you have received any update, check for recent updates on the web browser. You have to go ahead and update it.

Cannot receive email on Hotmail using email application-

If you can receive your new emails on Hotmail, but cannot accept them on iPhone, Android phone, or any other email application.

You need to check email settings. You must have set up your account with incorrect information. This is why it cannot synchronize with webmail.

So go back to account settings and check if you have configured your account with these settings.

Incoming server for outlook account-

Imap –

SSL type- yes.

Port no- 993

Outgoing server for outlook account-

SSL Type- Yes

Port no – 465

After using these methods, you will start getting emails on your Hotmail account.