How To Export Mac Mail Contacts to MS Outlook?

How To Export Mac Mail Contacts to MS Outlook?

There are mainly two computer platforms as Windows and Mac. According to a report by Livemint, Apple saw double-digit growth in India. Most people use Mac instead of Windows. Apple email addresses are easy to view and sort messages based on your preference.

If you want to export iPhone mail contacts for Outlook or other apps. Therefore you are in the right place to find an export solution. Before the solution, let us discuss the reasons for exporting Mac email contacts for Outlook.

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Why Export Mac Mail Contacts to MS Outlook?

There are several reasons why a particular user needs to export an Apple Mail contact list to MS Outlook. The reasons are as follows:

  • Any Mac user switches to Windows and wants to access Outlook.
  • To share Macintosh information with Windows users.
  •  The file is saved in Apple Mail in MBOX format, which means that we cannot just extract Outlook contacts and import them into Apple Mail.

Various solutions are available to fix the problem of exporting Apple Mail contacts to Outlook. Solutions are given below:

How to export Mac mail contacts to MS Outlook

The export method is not that complicated. You can easily export Apple Mail contact lists using the methods described below.

  • Using CSV format / VCF format.

First, you need to save iPhone Mail contacts as CSV or VCF, then you need to export the CSV or VCF format using the Import / Export option from MS Outlook.

Now, let’s understand these methods in detail.

1. Save iPhone Mail Contacts in CSV Format

You can export your Mac Mail contacts in CSV format by following a few simple steps:

  •  Open the contact in the Apple Mail app folder.
  • Then double click on the contacts you want to export.
  • Now remove your contact list.
  • Then select all the contacts and copy
  • Now open MS Excel.
  • Paste the selected contacts into the MS Excel sheet.
  • Then click File menu> Export> Select .CSV format.
  • Press the Next button in the newly shown window.
  • Finally, select the location where you want to save it.

2. Save Apple email address in VCF format

  • First, on your Mac system, open the Contacts app.
  • Select all the contacts you want to export.
  • Then open the menu Contacts> File> Export> Export vCard.
  • Finally, give them a name and choose the desired location where you want to save it.
  • Your contacts are saved in vCard format.

3. Now import CSV or VCF format in MS Outlook

The steps mentioned above will save your CSV / VCF file at the desired location. The saved CSV or VCF file can be exported to MS Outlook using the MS Outlook application. The steps are as follows:

  • First, open the Outlook application and click on the file in the menu bar and choose Open End Export. And click on Import / Export.
  • The Import / Export dialog box will appear. Select a VCARD file (.vcf) and click Import and \ _
  • Then choose Import VCARD File / CSV File. The format selected here is CSV. Now after selecting CSV format, click on OK to continue.
  • Now click on the people in your MS Outlook or click on the three dots and choose
  • Now you will see the updated contact in your MS Outlook software.

The solutions above will solve the problem of exporting Mac mail contacts for Outlook.

The above method has some limitations such as loss of time, data loss, inconsistency during export processes. Therefore, to avoid such limitations, you can opt for third-party tools to export MS Outlook directly to Apple Mail contact lists.

In short

The above process will help you to export Mac mail contacts from MS Outlook. Users usually face this problem when switching from Mac to Windows. We have described in detail the process of saving your Mac email as CSV or VCF. After that, we have explained how to import CSV or VCF format to MS Outlook in a few simple steps. Therefore, even non-technical users can easily solve the problem of exporting Mac mail contacts to Outlook.