How to Fix Roku Remote Blinking Green Light?

How to Fix Roku Remote Blinking Green Light?

People use Roku devices because of their accuracy. It also comes with a free Roku remote so that users can operate it easily. User panics when Roku Remote Blinking Green Light

. The main reason is that the Roku remote is in pairing mode. A flashing green light indicates something is wrong. It is necessary to find out what it is and fix it. The best way is to act immediately and not wait for the situation to worsen.

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The remote runs the risk of pairing problems or may not be able to perform its TV control functions. It is also necessary for us to know what are the different reasons why the Roku remote is flashing green.

Reasons for the Roku Remote Blinking Green Light

A blinking green light means there is a problem with the remote control. There is a warning notification on your TV screen before or about the time. It is necessary to know the main reasons so that we can fix them.

Roku Remote with Low Battery

The main reason is the low battery in the remote control. It is necessary to check the batteries of the remote control. If it is less then it should be changed. Many users find that alkaline batteries work well in Roku remotes. We can use a high-quality battery to make it work better.

Device Interference

We can place multiple wireless devices near Roku devices. The Roku remote is getting interrupted and the green light is flashing.

Damaged Remote Control

Shouldn’t be a problem with Roku TVs. The problem comes from the remote control. It becomes necessary for us to check whether the remote is working or not. We can quickly fix them to make it work properly.

Ways to Fix Roku Remote Blinking Green Light

When we know the reason why green lights are flashing, it becomes easier for us to fix them. Here we examine different ways to fix them quickly.

Replacing Roku Remote Batteries

Then it becomes necessary for us to replace the Roku remote control’s batteries. It is also best to use high-quality batteries for the remote control. It is essential to read all instructions before replacing batteries. After replacing the batteries, it is important to check whether they are working properly or not. If the green light stops flashing, the problem is with the remote control’s batteries.

Remove Any Interference

We need to have the correct device near the Roku TV. If there is a microwave, Bluetooth speaker, and other devices, move them. We can avoid having devices such as cordless phones or speakers, microwaves, wireless headphones, Bluetooth microphones and speakers, and many more. When there is no interference from the equipment, the flashing green light on the remote control will turn off. We can quickly get using our Roku TV.

Set up the Roku Remote Properly

Sometimes remote flashing green light problem is caused by improper configuration of Roku remote. Check out these steps to fully set up the remote control.

  • It is necessary to connect the remote control to the WiFi network.
  • Now go to its remote settings and screen display type.
  • Choose TV manufacturer and select Yes.
  • If the system is unable to detect the TV brand, enter it manually.
  • Click Yes again and go to Roku.

Re-Pair Roku Remote

Sometimes the remote has to be repaired. The process is simple and we do it quickly with the steps below. First, unplug the Roku device.

  • It is necessary to carefully open the battery case.
  • We take out the battery from the remote control.
  • After a few seconds, insert the battery.
  • There is no need to change its battery cover.
  • Now plug in the Roku device.
  • Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds until the light flashes.
  • Now replace its battery cover.
  • When the system reboot process is complete, a pairing notice will appear on the screen.
  • It is important to read all the instructions so that it works perfectly.

Check HDMI Connection

It is also important for us to check whether the HDMI connection is working or not. It is necessary to plug the HDMI into the correct port. If that doesn’t work, you need to change its port.

Hard Reset

The last step is to do a hard reset. When we do a hard reset, it comes to default settings. All its existing settings are removed.

  • First, open the Roku device’s battery compartment.
  • It is important to remove the power cable and batteries.
  • Wait for a few seconds and reconnect its power cable.
  • It is also displayed on the Roku screen.
  • We can replace its batteries.
  • The remote takes a few seconds to connect to the streaming player.


It becomes easy for us to follow the above steps to fix Roku remote flashing green light. We can follow the solutions so that we can fix the error quickly. It is also important to read the instructions carefully so that we can execute each step perfectly. Read more blocks like this according to the article.