Yahoo Mail Missing Emails Automatically? How to Recover it

Yahoo Mail Missing Emails Automatically? How to Recover it

Recently I received a subscriber email. In this email, he wrote about the missing status of the email. Here are his words.

“My emails are automatically missing from Yahoo Email. I did not delete any. Also, I tried to check for spam files. But no emails were found there.

Please help me retrieve the email. “

That is why I thought about writing about this article. If you too are facing the problem of missing emails from Yahoo Mail, then keep reading this blog and follow the instructions in this article.

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Why have I disappeared from my Yahoo account?

  1.        Someone deleted the emails.
  2.        Yahoo server problem.
  3.        Filter or transfer problem.
  4.        Account Setting Problem.

How to Recover Lost Email from Yahoo Mail –

Now we know the reason for the problem of missing emails from Yahoo Mail. Now is the time to recover these emails. So follow this guide to recover deleted emails from a yahoo account.

Check Trash Folder-

Whenever emails are missing from the Yahoo inbox, you should check the trash folder. If you get emails there. You must restore them to your account.

Check Mail Filter and Transfer Settings –

If your email account or forwarding settings are enabled in your Yahoo account, your email may have been sent to another location. This is why your Yahoo email account contains missing emails.

In such a case, you need to turn off the email filter and forwarding settings, and then you can try to restore your email to the previous location. If you do not know more about this situation, you can contact Yahoo Email Support.

Check account activity

  1. If you find nothing wrong with the filter or transfer settings, then you need to check for recent activity on your Yahoo account.
  2. If you see suspicious login activity. Then someone must have accessed your Yahoo account and intentionally deleted the email.
  3. In such a case, you must first secure your account, then contact the Yahoo messaging team to restore the deleted email.

Yahoo server problem

  1. Sometimes you may have a problem of missing email with Yahoo Mail due to a server problem.
  2. When the Yahoo mail server does not respond. This can cause these types of problems. Therefore you need to check the status of Yahoo Mail Server.
  3. If the Yahoo mail server is down. You have to wait for it to start working properly.