How Can I Fix Ethernet Keeps Disconnecting or Dropping on MacBook

How Can I Fix Ethernet Keeps Disconnecting or Dropping on MacBook

On your MacBook, if you are connected to the Internet via Ethernet and it keeps disconnecting or dropping Internet connection frequently or after a while on MacBook, then you need to follow the below troubleshooting methods To fix ethernet internet disconnected on MacBook, you need to check if the problem is with your ethernet cables or there are other ways. So let’s look at them in detail below.

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How to fix Ethernet Keeps Disconnecting or Dropping on MacBook

Follow the below troubleshooting methods to resolve the Ethernet disconnect issue on MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

Disconnect and Reconnect Ethernet Cable

Step 1: Unplug the Ethernet cable from your MacBook and also unplug it from the router/modem

Step 2: Wait 30 seconds and reconnect the Ethernet cable to the MacBook and the router.

Step 3: Now go ahead and connect it with your Ethernet cable to your MacBook.

Once you complete these steps above, you will not see ethernet disconnect/drop again on MacBook, and the internet disconnect or drop signal will be rectified successfully. Otherwise, try these other methods below.

1- Change Your Cable

Change your ethernet cable and connect to another ethernet cable and see if the ethernet keeps getting disconnected and try restarting your mac when you change the cable.

2- Turn on Wifi

You can try to enable wifi while using ethernet and then check if ethernet cable works and ethernet cable disconnects on your MacBook.

3- Disconnect and Reconnect the Ethernet Adapter

Step 1: First, you need to unplug the Ethernet adapter from your Mac and the Ethernet cable.

Step 2: Then reconnect it to your Mac and cable and check the Ethernet connection.

Now, once you have unplugged and plugged in the Ethernet adapter again, restart your MacBook.

4- Disable Wake for Network Access

Step 1: Go to Apple Menu -> Select System Preferences

Step 2: Now Energy Saver. click on

Step 3: Select the Power Adapter tab.

Step 4: Here you need to uncheck the box next to Wake up for network access (WiFi/Ethernet).

5- Restart Network Driver Using Terminal

Step 1: Open Terminal on your Mac

Step 2: Now run these commands -> Sudo from config en0 down and hit enter.

Step 3: Enter the administrator password and press Enter and now your Ethernet will be disabled on your Mac.

Step 4: Now close and open the terminal again and type the following command -> Sudo from config en0 and hit enter.

Step 5: Now Ethernet will be enabled.

Once you have disabled and enabled Ethernet on your Mac using Terminal, you will have no problem constantly disconnecting Ethernet on your MacBook.

6- Restart your Macbook in Safe Mode

If you are using a Mac with an Intel-based chip

Step 1: Shutdown your Mac via Apple menu -> Shutdown.

Step 2: Wait a few minutes and press the Power button / ID key.

Step 3: After pressing the Power/Touch ID button, you should immediately hold down the Shift key until you see the Apple login window.

Step 4: Don’t let go of the Shift key when you see the Apple logo -> You have to press and hold the Shift key until the Apple login window screen appears on your MacBook.

Step 5: Enter your login details and if your Mac is encrypted with FileVault, you will have to enter your login credentials twice.

Step 6: Now you can use your MacBook without any Ethernet disconnection.

If you are using a MacBook with Silicon

Step 1: Apple Menu -> Click on Shutdown 

Step 2: Now wait a few minutes and press and hold the Power/Touch ID button until the boot options appear on your MacBook screen.

Step 3: Now you will see available boot options -> Now select your boot disk (Macintosh HD).

Step 4: After that, hold down the Shift key and click Continue while holding down the Shift key.

Step 5: While holding down the Shift key, click Continue with Safe Mode

Step 6: Now release the Shift key and wait until you see the Apple login window screen on your Mac.

Now you can use your MacBook without any Ethernet disconnection issue.